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Fix issues with your order

Use this page to help understand and fix issues with your order.
Fix shipping issues
  • If there are problems with the shipment of your order, use the tips below to help.
Delayed orders
  • Why orders get delayed?
    • Payment issues
    • Incorrect or incomplete shipping address
    • Harsh weather conditions
    • Inventory issues
    • Delivery carrier delays
Tip: If you paid for expedited shipping and your order arrives late, you get a refund of the shipping fees for any delayed part of the shipment. When you have multiple shipments in your order, the total shipping fee is split across the shipments. If there’s a delayed shipment, you get the shipping fee for that part of the shipment refunded.

Find your updated delivery date
  • On your computer, go to your “Order History” page.
  • Check your new delivery date.
  • Track your delayed order
  • Important: If tracking ID is available in your area, you can track your order.
On your computer, go to either:
  • Your “Order History” page or
  • The email that says your order shipped.
  • Check the tracking link of the delivery carrier.
  • Cancel your order
  • On your computer, go to your “Order History” page.
  • Find the order to cancel.
  • Click Cancel order. If the “Cancel order” button is missing, it’s too late to cancel.
Canceled orders
  • Why orders get canceled?
    • Payment issues
    • Bad shipping address
    • Long delays
    • End of life or end of sale items
    • Orders shipped to unsupported countries or regions, Post Office boxes, or military addresses
  • Tip: If there’s a cancellation, since the order stays in the warehouse, you don’t get charged. As well, funds put on hold return to you.
Fix a canceled order
  • If there’s a payment or address issue, correct the problem and try to order again.
    • Note: If you placed an order as a guest without signing into your account and your order failed due to a payment issue, your order will be canceled and you'll need to make another purchase.
  • For more details, check with the Sales Terms.
Damaged on arrival or other issues
  • If your order is damaged or there’s another problem:
    • Take photos of the item or box.
Didn’t receive package
  • If you get an email that confirms your delivery, but you don’t receive the package, you can:
    • Check the tracking page on the delivery carrier website: Make sure that the tracking page says “Delivered.” You can find the tracking number on the email that says your order shipped or on your “Order History” page.
    • Check that the shipping address is correct: You can find the shipping address in the emails you receive about your order or on the “Order details” page. Get to your “Order details” page through your “Order History” page.
    • Check the nearby area: You can also check with neighbors.
    • Wait up to 48 hours: After the tracking website says “Delivered,” you can wait to allow for unexpected delays. To check the status, contact the delivery carrier directly.
  • If your order is still missing, contact our Support.
Undeliverable or incomplete shipping address
  • Undeliverable address
    • If your shipping address is undeliverable, your order gets canceled. Then you receive an email that says your info isn't valid.
Incomplete shipping address
  • If your shipping address is incomplete, you can:
    • Update your address on your “Order details” page: Update at most an hour after you place the order.
    • Change your address with our Support: If it’s too late to update your address, the agent can ask you to cancel the order and place a new one. You can also contact the delivery carrier to hold the package for pickup.
  • If these options don’t work, the delivery carrier may return the package. To get a refund, contact us.
Fix payment issues
  • If your card gets declined, you can update your payment info within 7 days
  • Update your info through email
  • In your notification email, click Fix payment method. If you receive an error message, make sure you sign in from the same email account.
Check if your card is accepted
  • To check if your update is successful:
    • Make sure the billing address matches the one on your payment card: Learn more about how to change your home or billing address.
    • Check that your payment method info is correct: Learn more about how to edit your payment method.
    • Try a new card: Try to update to a different card with the “Fix payment method” button.
    • Important: If the payment doesn’t work, the order cancels after 7 days. In that case, place a new order.
    Why cards get declined
    • Your card can get declined for many reasons:
    • Mistake with the card number: Enter your card number again.
    • Expired credit card: If your card isn’t expired, make sure to enter the right date.
    • Mistake with the security code: Double-check the code and enter it again.
    • If you find an issue with the card details, update your card information.
    If your billing address doesn't match the one at your bank, check that your billing address matches the one on file. Learn how to change your billing address.
    • If you still can’t get your card to work, contact your card provider.
    Manage error messages
    • If you can't complete your purchase because of an error message, try these steps before you contact us.
    • "Your transaction can't be completed"
    • If you’re asked to provide more info after you get this message, follow the on-screen instructions. Otherwise, try these actions:
    Use a different payment method.
    • Check whether the billing address for your payment method matches the address in your payment settings. If they don't match, update your address. Then try again.
    • If you use guest checkout, sign in to your "My Account". If you don’t have one, create an account first.
    • If you pay with a credit card, contact your bank or financial institution about this transaction.
    "Unable to complete transaction: expired card"
    • Check if your payment method is up to date. If it isn’t, update it in mobile pays
    "Unable to complete the transaction. Please use another form of payment."
    • Important: These steps also apply when you get the error message: "Your payment didn't go through. Please try a different payment method or try again later."
      • Step 1: Check if your card is up to date
      • If it isn’t, update your payment method.
    Try to order again.
    • Step 2: Check your payment account
      • Check if there’s enough money in your account.
      • If there’s still problems, contact your bank about your account.
      • Try to order again with a different payment method.
    "Your payment was declined due to an issue with your account"
    • You can get this message because there’s a suspicious purchase in your account. You can also get this message because we need more info to:
      • Protect your account against fraud
      • (EU residents) Comply with EU law
    To fix the issue:
    On your computer, login to your online banking.
    • Act on any alerts or requests. Before you order, make sure to verify your identity.
    • Make sure your name, address, and payment info are up to date.
    • "Unable to process payment: low card balance"
    • Check your account balance or contact your bank.
    "This transaction couldn't be completed. Contact your administrator to fix it"
    • If you get this error, then your company or school set up your account. To fix this issue, contact your administrator.
    Tip: If you're an administrator, learn how to fix the billing issue.
    • Find your administrator
    • Your administrator can be:
      • Someone in your IT department or Help desk at a company or school
      • The person who manages your email or website
      • The person who gave you your username
    Card is unavailable & ineligible
    • If your card is unavailable and you get a message that your card is ineligible, try to order with a different card.
    • If the card you want to use isn’t listed, follow the instructions on the screen to add a new card.

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