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Always love you LOVE letters Square Leather Gallery Wraps Print

The Most Luxurious Wall Display Yet

Showcase an excellent taste! With exceptional quality print the unique texture of the leather creates a luxury feel and displays an unparalleled richness. Great for reading room, dinning room, living room, bedroom, etc...in the winter...this beautiful, simple wall displays can beautifully transform interior design and decor, add comfortable chatting nooks to rooms.

  • Material: Leather
  • Special effect/Foil print: No
  • Scratch resistant: Yes
  • Available: Multiple sizes
  • Purpose: For indoor use
Available sizes:
  • 16"x16" (40.64cm x 40.64cm) (406.4mm x 406.4mm)
  • 24"x24" (60.96cm x 60.96cm) (609.6mm x 609.6mm)
Durable: We use only premium quality materials in our Leather Gallery Wraps. Our leather and inks and are formulated to work together to provide the highest quality, longest lasting product available. Using our in-house UV test chamber, we continually test our materials to ensure that the color will stand the test of time. Our Leather Gallery Wraps are not coated as our inks are scratch resistant the moment they come off the press and will not fade over time. 
Origin: All of our leather is produced in Valencia, Spain. The fiber content of our European Bonded Leather is comprised exclusively of cowhide fibers. The fibers are bonded together primarily by natural latex, a renewable resource harmlessly tapped from Hevea trees. A minimum of 70% of the total content of our leather is leather fiber and approximately 30% is non-leather substances, principally the natural latex. Our leather is environmentally friendly and consistent, free of natural defects.
Care instructions: To conceal a small scratch or blemish, we suggest using quick-dry pigment ink based markers. We recommend Copic Markers, available at art specialty stores. If your Leather Gallery Wrap gathers any dust, you can wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.
Lead time: 3 - 7 days (orders placed over the weekend will be considered received on Monday; the day that we receive your order is considered day zero)
Key features

100% Leather
Premium quality European Bonded Leather from Valencia, Spain

Lifelong colour guarantee
High quality manufacturer and printing house secures that the canvas will live for generations

Pre-installed hanging hardware
Built into the frame, along with felt protective bumpers. The hanging hardware is placed at the top of the image