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Ali #2

Satin Pocket Square

Original design by #ayna

Limited Edition of 17

featuring hand-rolled hems

100% satin

Each edition is numbered.

Dry clean only

To be delivered in its own custom box with 17 centimeters logo on it

34cm X 34cm

Spring/Summer 2017 collection


About the Artist
My works hold popular culture and personalities in social agenda; these are public figures represented ın my street art. When I’m depicting a public figure, there are specific mottos which are tied to them. It is very important to use these mottos together with the images to marry icon and motto to form one as art.My artwork draws upon satirical and ironic notions; sometimes ıt ıs a means of adressıng the ego of the fıgure ın a contoversıal manner. I often draw from western and eastern cultures and theır respectıve ıcons and subsequent mottos.The use of #ayna (Turkısh for mirror) is because when people look at my art, the images are reflecting their life through socıal commentary. These images are on the walls as a motto and as a life scene. Consequently, the impression of my art on people is to make them smile and to subvert exıstıng notıons of the ıcon; to reflect on what ıs often unspoken.#ayna never lies.www.aynaofficial.com

Made In: Turkey

Shipped From: Turkey

Lead Time: 1 - 2 Days