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  • Put it on Lay-Buy

    Shop now, Pay later ( Put it on Lay-Buy)

    Our Lay-Buy Plan is here! It's a flexible and affordable payment option for shop lovers. Just select "put it on lay-buys" as your payment method at Checkout (after choosing your shipping method). Pick your payment percentage and the number of months to pay off the balance, and voila! Your items will be shipped once all payments are made.

      • Lay-Buy makes it easy for you to buy the products and services that you need by paying for them via a down payment and monthly instalments.
      • AFFORDABLE: Our calculator allows you to select the down payment you can afford to today and the amount of months you need to pay off the product.
      • CONVENIENCE: Payments are automatically setup between you and the seller with no manual payments by either party.
      • FLEXIBLE: You can settle a Lay-Buy order earlier at any given time.
      • CHOICE: The buyer gets to select the down-payment % they wish to pay immediately, and how many months they want the Lay-Buy to run for.


      1. CHECKOUT: Select Put It On Lay-Buy payment option at checkout.
      2. CHOOSE YOUR PLAN: Payment calculator makes it easy for you to set up your own payment plan.
      3. PAY DOWN-PAYMENT ONLY: Pay only down-payment portion amount.
      4. SCHEDULED PAYMENTS: Payments are then processed on the scheduled date YOU set.
      5. RECEIVE MERCHANDISE: Receive the item or service shortly after your last payment. No interest charges ever, no membership fees ever – NO DEBT.
        • WARNINGS:
          • Please spend responsibly.
            • Borrowing more than you can afford could seriously affect your financial status. Make sure you can afford your monthly repayments on time.
            • For any more info just click here as Lay-Buys are right on hand for quick and simple, self service solutions.
              • Lay-Buys FAQs
                • For a full list of Lay-Buys FAQs please click here
                • Lay-Buys Customer Service
                  • For customer service queries you can contact the Lay-Buys customer service team here
                  • Lay-Buys Terms and Conditions.
                    • Click here for Lay-Buys Terms and Conditions.
                  • Disclaimers:
                    • We introduce unregulated credit products provided by Lay-Buys, and we are not the lender.

                    If you have any queries or need further information, please consult our terms and policies or get in touch with us directly. We highly appreciate your business and are committed to offering you an excellent customer experience.

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