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350ml Mini Portable Electric Fruit Juicer USB Rechargeable

350ml Portable Mini Juicer Electric USB Smoothie Blender Fruit Cup Machine Kitchen Mixer Maker Fast Food Processor 30s Quick Juicing
1. Multi function. 2 functions of bottle and juicer. 2 in 1, fashionable and beautiful.
2. Powerful power. Load 14000rpm, quickly mix all kinds of fruits, juices, soymilk, milkshakes, rice paste.
3. High quality materials. Environmental protection cup cover, silica gel lifting ring, Tritan body, stainless steel blade and ABS base are all made of top-grade materials, no chemical harm to human body, safe to use and at ease.
4. Easy to carry. Silicone lifting ring design allows you to take juice bottles to any place, sports, outing, outdoor, picnic.
5. With USB charging cable, it can be charged anytime, anywhere, no longer need to worry about the need of no electricity, good for travel.
6. Safe lithium battery. Built in lithium battery with UN38.3, MSDS, aviation and transportation certificate.
7. Intelligent sensing. Electromagnetic induction device. After the cup body is separated from the base, it can not be started to ensure the safety of disassembly and avoid the residual danger.

How to Use:
1. Clean the fruit and cut it into small pieces of about 15x15mm. (for fruit with hard core, hard material, thick skin or hard shell, please remove it first)
2. Put fruit in, about 60% of the cup volume, and add 20% water or milk, so that the total volume accounts for about 80% of the cup volume.
3. After the motor rotates, tighten the cup cover, turn over the cup body, start the switch, etc., and place it in place. When working, gently shake the juice cup to extract juice better.
4. After juicing, turn off the power switch, and then unscrew the cup cover for drinking. If the fruit remains too much, use a filter before drinking.

Material: food grade PP, food grade ABS, 304 stainless steel
Color: Pink, White
Size: 234x78.2x78.2mm/9.21x3.08x3.08in
Cup quantity: 350ml
Motor speed: No load 20000 rpm/min (error 15%); Load 14000 rpm/min (error 15%)
Working current: 10-12A
Working voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Juicing frequency: 30s per time, 15 times.

Fault analysis and solution:
1. Unable to turn on, signal light does not turn on. Cup body and frame are not tightened.
2. During use, the red light is always on. Lack of power, charge in time.
3. In use, please stop the machine and the green light will flash. After 90 seconds of load, stop protection; restart.
4. In use, please stop the machine and the red light flashes. The motor is locked; removing the hard objects, restart.
5. Leakage. Insufficient assembly of silicone rubber ring; reassemble silicone rubber pad.

This product is a special fresh juice machine. It can't grind nuts or beans directly. Direct grinding will affect the service life.
Due to different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the project may be slightly different from the color shown on the picture. Thank you!
Due to manual measurement, please allow a measurement deviation of 1-3cm.

Rating (Rpm): 18001-20000Rpm
Certification: CE
Capacity: <500ml
Function: JAM
Function: Stirring
Function: Milk Shake
Function: Mixing
Function: Juicing
Function: Solid Food
Power (W): Other
Type: Centrifugal Juicer
Laying Method: Mini
Charging Port Shape: ROUND
Shape of Charging Port: ROUND
Model Number: Smart USB Mini Juice Cup
Speed Adjustment: No Selection
Cup Body Material: Plastic
Pulp Container Volume: < 500ml
Housing Material: Plastic
Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 234*78.2*78.2mm

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