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When is it a Drain Emergency? 5 Signs

It’s often difficult to tell if our drains are having an emergency, and the only signs we look out for are blockages. However, there are much more to our drainage systems that can tell us when we’re having an emergency, and we can tell you what to do in those situations.

My water isn’t flowing freely

If you notice the water from your taps isn’t flowing as freely as it has previously, it could mean you are experiencing a broken drain pipe. This could cause your drain to collapse, overflow or become blocked.
If you suspect your drains have collapsed, it’s vital to get them back into working order as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this isn’t an easy problem to DIY, so contact your local drain specialists who will be able to help you immediately.

No water is coming from my taps

If you are experiencing little to no water running from your taps, it could mean there has been a burst water main in your area, or work is being carried out. Before you contact a drain or water specialist, check your stop valves are fully open, both inside and outside.

If it’s currently winter, it’s important to check your pipes haven’t frozen, which could make them expand or burst. Check with your neighbours too, to see if they’re experiencing a similar issue.

My drains are blocked and it is causing a flood

Blocked drains can cause a real issue whether they are located inside or out, as they can result in flooding. If you are experiencing a blocked drain within your home, there are multiple store bought liquids you can buy to dissolve blockages. Another easy way to soften obstructions is to pour down boiling water.

Blockages of outside drains are more difficult to rectify, though pouring boiling water down your drains can help. We’d advise you contact a professional who can help you to get your drains back in working order.

My pipes have frozen

During the winter months, it’s easy for pipes to become frozen if warm water doesn’t travel through the regularly. In this situation, turn off the water supply via the stop tap. Check to see if the pipe has burst, and if not, open the affected tap slowly.
Attempt to thaw the pipe using warm compresses such as towels or hot water bottles, but never use a naked flame or hairdryer, as this can cause the pipe to crack. If in doubt, call a specialist who will be able to advise you further.

My pipes have burst

If you have found that your pipes have burst, it’s important for you to turn off the water at the stop tap as well as your boiler immediately. Open all taps in the house in order to drain the water system as quickly as possible. Contact a drain professional who will be able to help you further. If any pipes have burst near electrical items, switch them off at the mains as soon as possible. Soak up any water with thick towels.

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